How we do business


Farming Option Details

Cash Rent

Fixed Cash Rent with Production Bonuses

50/50 Crop Share    Option of marketing your own share,  we market your share, or a joint marketing plan.  

   Crop Rotation Options:   

2 Year – Corn and Soybeans.  

3 Year – Corn, Soybeans and Wheat.  

5 Year – Corn, Soybeans, Corn, Soybeans and Wheat.   

   We spray all applications of chemical, fertilizer and fungicides for $6 per acre, per application.    (Aerial application of fungicide/insecticide will be 50/50, Corn Only)  

   We store 100% of grain on site for a fraction of elevator prices for corn.  Soybean and wheat storage are free.  (Up to 1 year.)    We mow the roadsides and ditch banks.    We provide tile installation at no cost to the land owner.  Land owner only pays for actual tile materials.   
   We will prepay chemical and fertilizer costs in order to capitalize on peak demand pricing.  You will have the option to either pay your share of the costs at the time of prepay or we will finance the prepay costs to you at operating loan rates.  The second option would enable you to have no out of pocket expenses.  The expenses would be deducted from the grain sales checks once the grain is sold.